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Autumn Leaves, a Novella: book 2 of the Pies, Books & Jesus Book Club series

By Kathleen YBarbo


When Galveston bounty hunter Nate Donahue is hired to find Skye “Autumn” Hudson, it’s just another job. Until this shop girl, who lives on the other side of his duplex, challenges his commitment to keep things strictly professional. A challenge he must overcome. After all, he’s being paid to spy on her—not care about her. No matter how tempted he may be.

Autumn has secrets of her own in the form of a little girl named Pansie who is being raised by her grandmother Sessa Brown in Sugar Pine, Texas. She’s always left any relationship before it could go anywhere, and she has certainly never trusted someone the way she trusts Nate. He’s so kind, so helpful. Can it be possible? Has the girl who always runs finally found a safe place to stay? And what will the woman who has been raising Autumn’s daughter do when she discovers Autumn just may be coming back to Sugar Pine to take Sessa’s granddaughter away?

Book Takeaway:

People are not always who they seem!


Year Title Description
2020 Publishers Weekly Publisher's Weekly Bestselling Author

Why the author wrote this book:

After I wrote Firefly Summer, I started wondering what Autumn Skye's story was. I knew who she was in the first book, but what would she tell me about herself if she had her own story? Once Autumn started talking and I started typing, the novella practically wrote itself!


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