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Against Her Will

By Deborah Lynne


Samantha Cain is still moderately new in the world of private investigating. Is she out of her depth when she takes on a dark hidden world that she knows nothing about? She couldn't say no to Mark, the man who saved her life.

Abby, Mark's niece, has gone missing while on her senior trip to the Caribbean. The local officials believe she's a runaway teenager, still partying and having fun, but Mark knows better. He doesn't know what has happened to her, but Mark senses she's in trouble and needs his help. He promises his sister Cathy, he will bring Abby home. To do this, he requests the assistance of S&S Investigators.

Sam, Greg, and Margaret go willingly on this dangerous mission. Doing so means following Abby's trail and surviving in a country so different from their own. Has she been taken for human trafficking, or has someone stolen her to satisfy his own twisted desires?

Will they be able to find Abby in time...before her life is irrevocably changed...or ended?

Book Takeaway:

If you're trusting in God, never give up. Wait on Him and while you are waiting, do what He's called you to do.

Why the author wrote this book:

The Samantha Cain Series was given to me years ago by God, and as long as He keeps giving me ideas for stories that can glorify Him, I'll keep writing them.


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