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Hidden Secrets

By Deborah Lynne


Where did she go wrong? Nicki Petrelli’s once-perfect marriage has become a living nightmare as her husband Tristan grows increasingly abusive. Nicki stays, believing that her love and faith can get through to Tristan and make things right again.

But she doesn’t know how much longer she can survive the mental torture and increasingly sever physical abuse. Or how long she can hide her shame from her coworkers. Should she stay true to her vows or leave her husband and her marriage behind to save herself?

Her brother’s best friend, Dave Franklin, tries to rescue her from her prison. He has always regretted not helping his sister before it was too late, but he hadn’t known about her troubles in time. He sees the bruises on Nicki’s face and the distress in her eyes and he’s determined he won’t fail this woman whom he has loved since they were teenagers.

His attempt to help Nicki gives her the strength to push back, but at what cost? Is escape worth dying for…or killing for? Either way, will she ever be free to live her life again?

Book Takeaway:

God will see us through all the things that come our way. He doesn't bring bad upon us, but it still can come. Keep trusting in Him and He will see you through.

Why the author wrote this book:

God laid on my heart, the story of a woman abused, knowing God loves her but confused as to how to get through or out of this marriage.


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