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Be Not Afraid-BK1 of Samantha Cain Mysteries

By Deborah Lynne


A scream pierces the darkness....
Samantha Cain isn't the type of woman who gets unnearved easily. After all, she's the widow of a policeman and a single mom. Now she works the midnight shift, all alone, at a large trucking terminal close to the Mississippi River. One night she hears a strange rustling outside of the office, then a strangled cry. Racing out of her office, she witnesses a terrifying scene at the nearby levee and interrupts a killer at work. Now the killer is after her. Whom can she trust? Certainly not the police, who didn't protect her before....
Detective Matthew Jefferies has been on the trail of a twisted serial killer who preys on older women, leaving no evidence behind. But this time he has a witness--the wife of his dead ex-partner, Martin Cain--if he can keep her alive.

Why the author wrote this book:

God wants us to depend only on Him and He gave me this story to share three words He tells us throughout the old and new Testament. Be Not Afraid. We can trust God in every situation. He loves us. We have to lay our situations at the foot of the cross and rest on Him.


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