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Testimony of Innocence -BK2 of Samantha Cain Mysteries

By Deborah Lynne


Samantha Cain already has enough to deal with--including the death of her husband three years ago and raising her son by herself. Then six months ago, Matthew, her fiance and police detective, was killed in the line of duty.
Now two plain-clothes officers are at her doorstep. Her boss, Ken Richardson, has been murdered, and Sam was the only other person in the office last night. All the evidence for the crime points at Sam, including the fact the two were known for not getting along.
Detective Mark Barnett feels it in his gut that the shock on Samantha Cain's face is genuin--that she didn't have any part in killing her boss. But convincing his lieutenant--and proving her innocence--is another matter entirely.

Book Takeaway:

God promises to prove our innocence or lack of guilt if we only lean on Him. Don't worry about tomorrow, it will have enough trouble of its own. Live your life daily...for Him...trusting Him...and you'll find a peace you never could have immagined.

Why the author wrote this book:

The first three books in Samantha Cain's life came to me with a need to be written. Like Samantha, I was a dispatcher who worked the night shift. In Be Not Afraid, her life turned upside down. Now in Testimony of Innocence, she's still trying to get her life back in order. If she proves her innocence, what's next on her agenda. Keep watching for...The Truth 3.


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