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After You're Gone

By Deborah Lynne


Ten years ago he stole her heart...then crushed it. Now she's gazing into his blue eyes again. Dare she hope that things could turn out differently this time? The day Malila Vasquez, curator of The San Francisco Institution of Art, has dreamed of has finally arrived. She s worked hard to see the new Native American art exhibit, which showcases her own Navajo lineage, come to fruition. To add to her joy, she ll be allowed to display a couple of her own paintings...the big break she s waited for as an artist ever since college. Then Lila receives a phone call that will change her world forever. Victoria, her old college roommate and a very wealthy woman, is dying. She trusts no one but Lila to raise Kaitlin, her baby, after she s gone. But can Lila, a single woman, raise a child on her own? What about all the big plans she has for her career? Even more, choosing to help her friend means facing the only man she s ever loved Joseph Neal Rodman III, Vicky s brother. Can her heart survive seeing him again? And can she live with herself if she doesn t at least try? A heartfelt romance that will tingle your toes by beloved romance writer Deborah Lynne.

Book Takeaway:

We all have a purpose in life. Sometimes we're not sure how to succeed in our dreams. Malila had to decide whether to put her lifelong dream ahead of helping a friend find peace before death. It was a tough decision, but when we trust God and follow His lead, our lifes should turn out the way God planned it. But we still have the choice...because God isn't pushy.

Why the author wrote this book:

God put this message on my heart.


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