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Ashes Visible & Invisible

By Amanda Lauer, Leslea Wahl, Cynthia T. Toney, Marie C. Keiser, Ellen Gable, Corinna Turner, Antony B. Kolenc, T.M. Gaoutte, Theresa Linden


Finishing the Journey: When Liz's faith journey hits a roadblock, will an unexpected detour and chance encounter set her back on track?
Follow Me: A teen’s future was all set—before his tragic loss. But his best friend’s secret past just might save it.
Take Up Your Cross: Justin's religion is outlawed. When an unbeliever asks him about the meaning of life, what can he say?
A Big Ask: Could God be asking Paul to sacrifice a piece of himself for Lent—literally?
Lent Royal & Ancient: A modern American teen discovers what faith, life and love are like in seventeenth-century Scotland.
No Greater Love: Teenager Lexie Dugan struggles to understand the sacrifice of Lent when she’s asked to help take care of her siblings while her pregnant mother is on bed rest.
A Very Jurassic Lent: When a risky Ash Wednesday mission to sterilize T. rex eggs goes wrong, fasting is the least of Joshua, Darryl, and Harry's worries.
Lucy and the Forsaken Path: A medieval girl stranded on a forsaken path confronts threats from without and turmoil from within.
Bread Alone: Struggling with loss, hunger, and temptation, Ethan finds himself walking in the steps of Jesus.
Prepare the Way: Asher’s desire to prepare for the Messiah intensifies after he’s robbed by bandits, but would fighting alongside the Zealots be the best way?

Book Takeaway:

In the midst of all of our trials and tribulations, God is there.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the prequel to my full-length novel Royal & Ancient, which comes out October 2, 2023.


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