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A Life Such as Heaven Intended

By Amanda Lauer


In A Life Such as Heaven Intended, the Civil War rages around her, yet Brigid McGinnis has her life planned out. That was, until she stumbles across an unconscious Confederate soldier on her father’s property. A blow to the head stole Dominic Warner’s memory. The beautiful fraulein who nurses him back to health steals something even more important – his heart. For political and societal reasons, Brigid and Dominic must go their separate ways. They each get caught up in the war and put their lives on the line to remain true to the values and faith they share. Follow Brigid and Dominic from the battlefields surrounding Atlanta, along slave escape routes, to Little Rock, and eventually to the plains of Eastern Texas, as they learn to trust, forgive, love and surrender to a plan greater than their own.

Book Takeaway:

God's plan for our lives is even better than what we could ever plan or imagine on our own


Year Title Description
2018 Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Book is Catholic in nature, does not contradict or disparage Catholic teaching and does not speak disparagingly of an accepted Catholic practice

Why the author wrote this book:

After writing A World Such as Heaven Intended, so many people requested a sequel to the book because they wanted to know what happened to Dominic Warner. This is his story of how he finds true love in the midst of war.


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