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A World Such as Heaven Intended

By Amanda Lauer


The Civil War tore the United States apart and many friendships and families as well. In A World Such as Heaven Intended, Amara McKirnan and Nathan Simmons share a devotion to their faith, but their loyalties lie on opposite sides of the conflict. Dedicated to the Confederate cause, Amara offers to help out at her uncle’s makeshift hospital in Atlanta. Fate brought Nathan to their doorstep and into Amara’s life. Little does Amara know that the wounded soldier she cares for harbors a secret that will not only jeopardize his life but hers as well.

Book Takeaway:

Faith and love conquer disharmony and distrust

Why the author wrote this book:

This story is based on the life of a true Civil War hero. For his family's sake, I wanted his story to have a better ending and for my sake, I wanted to create the kind of love story that I have always been searching for — clean, funny, suspenseful and memorable.


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