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Rightfully Ours

By Carolyn Astfalk


Sixteen-year-old Paul Porter’s relocation to Pennsylvania is a temporary move during his dad’s deployment. Or so he and his brother think, until devastating news lands on their doorstep. Paul’s new home with the Muellers provides solace, especially in the form of Rachel, his friend and confidante. Their abiding friendship deepens as they work side by side to uncover what could be lost treasure. Will they acquire the strength of character and virtue to take only what rightfully belongs to them or are they in way over their heads, with more than a few lost artifacts at stake?

Book Takeaway:

Chastity is a virtue worth attaining, even with accompanying sacrifice.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book came out of my very first manuscript, which I developed from a newspaper clipping about a contemporary search for lost treasure - lost gold that was being transported to the Philadelphia Mint during the Battle of Gettysburg.


"Rightfully Ours is a novel for older teens about the importance and beauty of chastity. This book is full of relatable characters, touching family traumas, teenage passions, and an intriguing mystery."
- Leslea on September 20, 2019

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