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Anything But Groovy

By Amanda Lauer


Morgan is looking forward to junior high school and all the adventures it holds in store for her. But after a collision on the volleyball court, she wakes up on the first day of school trapped inside her mom’s teenage body circa 1974. It doesn’t take long for Morgan to discover that living life as a seventh-grader in the ‘70s and dealing with everything going on in her mom's life back then — from uncool parents, to annoying older brothers, balancing friendships, and ultimately doing what she can to survive bullying at the hands of the school’s biggest jock — is anything but groovy.

Book Takeaway:

You never know what a person is going through unless you walk a mile in their shoes.

Why the author wrote this book:

This story is based on my 7th-grade year attending a small parochial school and being bullied by a male classmate. To make it relatable to modern teens, I made it a time-travel story. Readers are inspired by how I made it through that challenging year.


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