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Every Good Gift

By Kelly S. Irvin


During the most difficult season of her life, how could she know whether their meeting was a gift from God—or another temptation?

Maisy never expected that a Plain girl like her could have her heart stolen by an Englisch boy. But when her rumspringa ends and Maisy realizes she’s pregnant, the reality of their choices—and their differences—sets in.

Maisy knows she will never leave her faith to marry her baby's father. But she also knows the road to acceptance as an unwed mother in an Amish community will be long and hard. To protect her family from the scandal, she goes to live with her cousin in Haven, Kansas, where she will have some solitude to figure out what kind of future she might have.

In Haven Maisy begins to find her way—thanks in no small part to Joshua Lapp, a Plain man who’s made it clear he isn’t bothered by her situation or ashamed to be seen with her, despite the bishop’s warnings. But Joshua has struggled with his faith ever since the death of his twin brother, leaving Maisy to wonder: How can two people who are so lost ever help each other discover Gott’s plans for their future?

Book Takeaway:

I want them to know that there’s always a way forward no matter how bad they mess up. God forgives. He redeems us. The truth of Scripture is reflected in the story. Every baby, every child, is a gift from God, no matter the circumstances. God can and will bring good from every situation. When we mess up, He adjusts his plan accordingly. I want them to be happy for Maisy and Joshua and for Vicky and Isaac. I hope the readers won’t sit in judgement of Maisy or of the people who believe what she has done (with Nate) is wrong. The world’s standards are very different from those set by the Amish for their communities. They are based in Scripture. They may seem overly strict or “old fashioned” to some readers, but the situation hopefully will give them food for thought.

Why the author wrote this book:

To explore how the Amish live out biblical principals and what that looks like in a world where “anything goes.” To prompt readers to think about how they would handle these situations, whether for themselves or for loved ones. To prompt discussion of how the world sees these decisions and how God sees them.


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