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Peace in the Valley

By Kelly Irvin


After a devastating wildfire sweeps through her town, one young Amish woman is shown a different way to practice her faith . . . but pursuing it could cost her everything she holds dear, including the man she loves.
Nora Beachy is caught in the middle. She’s been content to live a simple life in West Kootenai, working in the community store, taking care of her family, and courting with Levi Raber. They’ve been together for two years and have been planning to marry, but Levi wants to wait until he is financially secure before asking Nora to be his bride. Nora doesn’t want to wait and can’t help but wonder if there’s something else keeping Levi from wanting to marry her.
When wildfires threaten her home, Nora stays with family in Libby, where the Amish community has embraced an evangelical form of worship frowned upon by her own parents and district elders. She’s drawn to their unfamiliar worship style, use of musical instruments, and more relaxed form of dress.
The days stretch into weeks, and Nora becomes more and more comfortable with this new way of living and worshipping. As her time in Libby comes to a close, Nora must make a decision—return to her traditional Amish life or embrace this new way of worshipping and living. Will she leave behind Levi and her family for a different kind of faith?

Book Takeaway:

It's important to know what you believe, to be able to articulate it, and defend it when called upon to do so.

Why the author wrote this book:

To encourage readers to think about what they believe and why. So that I can articulate what I believe as a Christ-follower and why.


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