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Clara's Heart (The Morgan Family Saga) (Volume 2)

By Ruth Kyser
Publication Date: November 2015
Genre: Romance / Historical
ISBN10: 1518796087
ISBN13: 9781518796081
Topics/Issues: bitter, bitterness, faith, faithful, family, family obligation, forgiving, forgive, forgiveness, grace, guilt, guilty, heal, healing, hope, hopeful, hopefulness, marital, marriage, married, peer, reconciliation, reconcile, redemption, salvation, redeem
Settings: St Louis, Missouri and Montana

"Clara's Heart" is Book 2 in "The Morgan Family Saga" series. Reece Morgan had always planned to return home and help run the family ranch after college, but after a difference of opinion with his father, he decides to accept a job in town. He's settling in well to his new occupation as a sheriff's deputy when the troubled granddaughter of the Bluecreek Ranch's foreman comes to visit the ranch. Suddenly, Reece's focus changes and his heart is drawn back to his family and the ranching business he loves. However, the young woman, Clara Callahan, makes it known from the start…

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