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Love Redeemed (The New Hope Amish)

By Kelly Irvin


In the second book of the New Hope Amish series, acclaimed author Kelly Irvin spins a tale of romance, grief, and redemption deep in Amish country. Phoebe Christner is thrilled when the families of her close-knit Amish community decide to spend a week at the lake. She feels she's earned a break...and it doesn't hurt that Michael Daugherty will be coming along. They'll find ways to spend time together--she's certain of it--and their romance will have time to blossom. But when tragedy strikes, Phoebe and Michael are torn apart by their pain and the knowledge of their guilt. As they both cope with the loss of a loved one, they will come to discover that they are worthy not only of each other's love, but God's love. A tender novel of faith and family set in the heart of Amish country.

Book Takeaway:

There's nothing we can do that will cause God to turn away from us if we repent and ask for forgiveness. His grace covers us at all times. He forgives us and we are called to do the same for others and for ourselves.

Why the author wrote this book:

I lost a brother in a boating accident 22 years ago. I understand what it is to grieve for a sudden, inexplicable loss. My parents were so devastated and it was horribly difficult to watch, even from a distance. Those feelings are incorporated into this story and working through how something like that fits into God's plan for us. I wanted to explore the grief, but also the guilt that come when a person feels responsible for the death of a loved one. The Amish set the bar very high when it comes to forgiveness. This story encourages readers to ask themselves if they could do the same.


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