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No Child of Mine

By Kelly S. Irvin


On a blazing South Texas day dozens of law enforcement officers, family, and friends gather to celebrate a wedding. Detective Deborah Smith is happy for the couple, but she’s fighting a loneliness that makes her long for her best friend—whiskey. Then the unthinkable happens. Colleague Daniel Martinez’s foster son, Benny, disappears during the reception. Deborah is assigned to team up with Detective Alex Luna to search for the missing boy. Instead of finding Benny, they make a horrifying discovery on the groom’s property: the skeletal remains of a small girl.
Torn between salvaging his marriage and trying to save a child he’s grown to love, Daniel fears both are slipping beyond his grasp; and Deborah struggles to hang on to her newfound sobriety in the face of the pressure of her job and her past, while Alex chips away at her resolve not to trust him—or any man.
The team of investigators travels from the seamy underside of San Antonio’s drug-dealing gang territory to the back roads of rural America where secrets fester in peaceful country homes. Their investigation rips off the Band-Aid that covers the cracks in an overburdened foster care system and reveals the painful reality that children are all too often are battered, terrified victims of the people who should love them the most.
As the two investigations become more and more entwined, Deborah, Alex, and Daniel must risk everything—even their lives—to bring a little boy home safely and unmask a child’s murderer.

This fast-paced follow-up to Irvin’s debut romantic suspense novel, A Deadly Wilderness, will keep readers turning the pages long after it’s time to turn out the lights.

Book Takeaway:

Not only does God forgive us each time we stumble, He uses us to bring others to Him. He expects us to step up to the plate when our time comes to tell others about the living water.

Why the author wrote this book:

I'm drawn to stories about broken people because all of us are broken in our own ways. We're flawed. No Child of Mine is the story of a group of friends and colleagues who have to overcome their pasts in order to make marriages work, make relationships work, and do the important work of saving a child's life. Children are so often innocent victims of the people who should love them, care for them, and protect them. It breaks my heart, but God knows and God sees. His hand is on those children. I find hope in that and in this story of Deborah, Alex, Daniel, little Benny and the Chavez children.


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