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The Heart of a Cowboy - Crossroads Creek Cowboys

By Elsie Davis


Rusty’s career as a bronc rider is over. Figuring out his next steps in life is more challenging than riding a bull for eight seconds. Surely there were better people more deserving of the new heart he received, people who had more to give back to society than a washed-up rodeo cowboy.

Courtney is already struggling with the death of her husband, and the “temporarily relieved of duty” decree from her assistant chef position is too much to handle on her own. The decision to move home is not an easy one, but she doesn’t have much choice. At least not until the insurance company quits balking at paying out on the life insurance policy.

When her truck breaks down just outside of Crossroads Creek, it’s Rusty to the rescue. Fate has brought them together, but the truth may not be something either one can handle. Will they rely on faith and trust their own hearts for the answers, or will they run from the past and destroy any chance at a future of happiness together?

The Heart of a Cowboy is the uplifting first book in the Crossroads Creek Cowboys romance series. If you like special kinds of soulmates and wholesome relationships, you’ll adore this emotional story of love…happily-ever-after style.

Book Takeaway:

Life offers hope with God on your side.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love emotionally charged romances that touch your heart deeply. Stories that stay with you long after you finished reading.


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