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Juliet's Journey to Love - Great Smoky Mountain Getaways

By Elsie Davis


Escape to the Great Smoky Mountains…

Juliet isn’t sure of God’s plan for her life, but the opportunity to serve as the leader of the
Freedom and Faith small group, helps her to feel needed, like she belongs. The group plans
to hike sections of the Appalachian Trail, using the back to nature approach to grow closer
to God. Determined to succeed, Juliet leads two other women on a hike, but when she falls
ill and they’re days away from the exit point of their planned journey, her friends must call

When a man shows up looking more like a grizzly bear than a rescuer, she’s forced to
accept his help. Loner extraordinaire, Jake wants them gone. Except when Juliet and her
friends are ready to leave, it’s Jake who succumbs to the illness, and this time it’s Juliet to
the rescue.

In the process, she discovers a man with a heart and a past. Her failure to lead the group
prompts her to renew her efforts to be needed, and she’s determined to help Jake get
through more than his illness. When she learns of an opening at the medical clinic in Hollow
Creek, she applies, knowing it would give her a reason to stick around town and give her
time to help Jake get his life back on track.

Her methods aren’t always squeaky clean, but her heart is in the right place. When Jake
finds out the truth, the walls come tumbling down. Can the two of them muddle through the
past and their own issues to work out their differences?


Year Title Description
2021 USA Today Bestseller List As part of a heartwarming box set, Juliet's Journey to made it's debut and the set hit the bestseller's list in April 2021.


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