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The Help of a Cowboy - Crossroads Creek Cowboys

By Elsie Davis


Once a cowboy...always a cowboy. But when life delivers Chad a chance to hang up his boots and spurs, he's all in.

He's newly single, bored, and ready to move to the city to shake things up. She’s recently divorced, tired of the fast pace, and looking to settle in the country. When their paths cross, the two must work together if they have any hope of following their dreams.

The ranch is an albatross around Chad's neck. Hard work and little time for fun. When his sister gets married and moves into town, the timing is perfect to sell the ranch and move on with his life.

Diana is on the road to nowhere, looking to escape her past and find a special place to call home for her and her daughter. When she spots a ranch for sale just outside of Crossroads Creek, she knows in her heart it’s perfect. There’s only one problem…she doesn’t know the first thing about ranching.

Chad wants nothing more than to refuse her contingency offer on the ranch. The idea of teaching Diana everything he knows about ranching over the course of the next month while the place goes through the closing process was ludicrous. Except he's anxious to sell and buyers aren't lined up knocking on his door. And then there's the little girl...her blond curls and precocious spirit reminding him of days gone by...when life was simple.

Does love make the ranch-go-round? Or is more like a merry-go-round...and must come to a stop. The Help of a Cowboy is the second exciting story in the Crossroads Creek Cowboys series. If you love uplifting, inspirational stories that will warm your heart...this one's for you!


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