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Love & Liberty - Holidays in Hallbrook

By Elsie Davis


Blinded by the past, it takes a little fate and great faith to be liberated and set free. Where you fly is up to you…

After a bad divorce, Ashley returns to Hallbrook with her four-year-old son to regroup and start over. When her apartment catches fire and the fire department is called in, one of the first responders is David, her older brother’s best friend, and the man who dumped her without any reason when they dated in high school. She accepts his offer of a place to stay, knowing she could trust him with anything other than her heart.

David, a member of the White Mountain Fire Department, is tasked with the controlled burns needed in the NH National Forest after a particularly dry winter and spring. While out marking the territory with Kojack, his dalmatian, he runs into Ashley, who’s on a mission and quick to tell him how to do his job.

Ashley’s been called upon by the Audubon Society to verify the reported sighting of a pair of eagles and to look for a nest. The eagles are protected under federal law, but without proof they are nesting nearby, David has a job to do. A job that will protect the public far more than protecting an unverified eagle nest. Ashley will do anything to stop him, including seeking an injunction and rallying a protest. Just when David starts to compromise on both the controlled burn and his no-relationship rule, disaster strikes, reminding him why he made the rule in the first place.

David soon realizes his mistake, but will Ashley give him a third chance? And is she does, will the third time be a charm?

Book Takeaway:

Life can throw you curves, it's how you catch them that's a mark of character.

Why the author wrote this book:

This holiday collection of sweet stories combines my favorite elements in romance. Kids, dogs, holidays, and happily-ever-after. Cool fact: When I started planning this story, part of the inspiration was from the fact I'm a birder and love searching for eagles. The morning after I finalized the eagle's role in the story, an eagle landed not from my house. We have lots of birds, but this was the first for an eagle and I've lived here over ten years. I consider it one of God's blessings.


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