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Love & Order - Holidays in Hallbrook

By Elsie Davis


A powerful attorney, a woman with a heart too big for her own good, and an instant family neither was prepared for...Garrett Bradley commands the attention of some of the most influential clients in the country as one of the leading corporate attorneys in New York City, but one phone call changes everything. He must return home to Hallbrook, NH, where he soon discovers he’s responsible for three young kids and one monster-size Saint Bernard. April St. James, the social worker assistant assigned to the children’s case before Garrett’s mother adopted them, was staying with the children until Sarah Bradley’s prodigal son returns home to take up his responsibilities. Unfortunately, it puts her own job in jeopardy. A powerhouse in the business world but clueless when it comes to children, Garrett turns to April with an offer she can’t refuse, enticing her to come to the city as a temporary nanny. The deal will allow her to finally pursue her dreams once the job is done. But three kids, a dog, a nanny, and an uptight attorney don’t mix well in a fancy NYC penthouse. And when Garrett makes a mistake at work, he realizes somethings got to give before the situation destroys his reputation, the company, and most importantly—his new family. Find out if Rufus can help this mismatched pair realize their love is the perfect glue to hold their newfound family together! This sweet tale of family, trust, and total chaos is one you won't want to miss.

Book Takeaway:

Life is about stepping up and embracing change. A chance to make life better.

Why the author wrote this book:

This holiday collection of sweet stories combines my favorite elements in romance. Kids, dogs, holidays, and happily-ever-after.


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