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Unwilling Warrior (Seasons of Redemption series #1)

By Andrea Kuhn Boeshaar


The War Between the States has Valerie Fontaine frightened about her future. She never suspects she’ll be thrust into the middle of it. But when her wealthy father is charged with supplying Federal gunboats in order to save his shipping business, Valerie is suspected of conspiracy. Suddenly she’s forced to flee her upscale New Orleans home or be taken into custody by Confederate troops.

Benjamin McCabe is part simple country boy and part educated philanthropist. He’s got a noble dream to somehow make his mark on the world and he’s decided that photographing the Civil War is the way to accomplish it; however, since Bull Run his brother Luke has been missing and Ben’s plans to find him. He’s followed and photographed regiments from Virginia to Louisiana. His stop in New Orleans is supposed to be a temporary one – until he meets and falls in love with Miss Valerie Fontaine.

When Valerie’s father is arrested, Ben secures a way for her to leave the city and travel to his family’s home in Jericho Junction, Missouri where she’ll be safe. He promises that as soon as he finds Luke, he’ll be home and they can begin their life together. However, once Valerie steps off the train she finds herself caught up in a web of lies that threaten to imprison her more than Yankee steel bars ever could. Only Benjamin has the key to unlock the truth.

Can Valerie adjust to life on the prairie and remain true to her promise to wait for Ben no matter what the cost? Will Ben prove he’s more valiant than visionary and return safely to Jericho Junction with Luke in tow before Valerie loses all hope?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes when things around us are falling apart, God calls us to be strong and fight for what we know is right. We may not want to. We might even be frightened. However, God will bless the unwilling warrior who obeys His word.


"A 4-star review from Romantic Times. They wrote: 'Boeshaar writes her characters with compassion. She does a great job of writing about the Civil War when people had to be strong to survive.'"
- Andrea on December 22, 2010

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