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Southern Sympathies

By Andrea Boeshaar


The last thing Alec Corbett wants is another romantic relationship. Hoping to escape a recent heartache, he moves to Alabama to begin anew. But then he meets his next-door neighbor. Lydia Boswick, a widow with two children, seems more like the proverbial "helpless female" than the capable women Alec knew back home in Wisconsin. Despite his determination to avoid involvement, he finds himself coming to Lydia's rescue time and time again. Soon, they begin to fall in love. But Alec may be facing another personal tragedy: it is apparent that three men want Lydia Boswick. But only one wants her heart.

Book Takeaway:

Even pastors of large churches are not perfect. We are all fallible human beings. The only thing Christians can trust is God and His Word (the Bible).

Why the author wrote this book:

I had read a book called "Churches that Abuse" and I became more and more aware of the signs and symptoms. I thought putting them into a fictional story would help other Christians recognize the symptoms in their own church if in fact their leadership used abuse to control its congregation.


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