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Heartland Heroes

By Andrea Boeshaar


Welcome to the Iowa heartland where love takes center stage.

Ravyn is determined to stand on her own two feet. So why does the reappearance of Dr. Mark Monroe have this nurse on shaky ground? EMT Cadi Trent only wants to help when called to a crisis. Why then is she being thwarted by openly hostile Deputy Frank Parker? Ciara Rome wants to use single-dad Luke Weston’s family to prove that, in life, no one needs God or love. Can Luke reconcile his beliefs with his attraction to this misguided woman? Will love join these divided hearts?

Three women find that opposites apparently do attract. Ravyn’s life plan goes up in smoke when an old love returns. Cadi Trent’s willingness to help is thwarted by a hostile deputy. Ciara Rome’s life theory is tested by a handsome neighbor. Will these divided hearts ever beat as one?

Why the author wrote this book:

3-in-1 Collection, includes: The Superheroes Next Door, Courting Disaster, Prescription for Love


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