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The Superheroes Next Door

By Andrea Boeshaar


Ciara thinks she’s fine without God or a man in her life. Ciara Rome doesn’t need God, and she doesn’t need a man. Her entire life is a proud testament to that declaration, and her master’s thesis is merely a culmination of what she has learned. So when she discovers her new neighbors include a single dad and his three rambunctious sons, she is delighted to have first-hand corroboration of her theory. Luke Weston is fascinated by his new neighbor. Ciara’s open admission that she intends to use his family in support of her wild theory is unsettling, but Luke decides to let his life speak for itself—and he turns the issue over to God. But he finds himself increasingly drawn to this lovely young woman whose goals and beliefs are so opposed to his own. Only God would bring these two together, and only His love can break through walls that have taken years to build.

Book Takeaway:

A single parent is just that -- single, but God has designed families to include a mother and a father. Real life doesn't always allow this to be the norm, but it should be the desire of every single parent's heart.

Why the author wrote this book:

We moved and next door to us was a single mom who had two children. She was working and quite the woman's libber. I had a conversation with her about how my husband was so exceptionally great with our sons and she couldn't believe it. A man could be a capable parent? Well, that's God. Nothing is impossible for Him!


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