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The Doctor's Second Chance (Love Inspired)

By Missy Tippens


The Bachelor's Baby
Jake West's troubled cousin leaves him with a most unusual parting gift—her newborn baby girl! And now the small-town contractor is forced to seek help from the very woman he resents—the new big-city pediatrician who practically stole his uncle's practice, Violet Crenshaw. Violet knows she shouldn't be consorting with the enemy. But she can't resist the adorable baby and her handsome new caretaker. Violet traded her chance at motherhood for her career years ago. But raising a family with Jake could be everything she's ever wanted.

Book Takeaway:

This story is about God taking the bad experiences in our lives and turning them to good.

Why the author wrote this book:

I thought it would be fun to take a clueless bachelor and throw him into a "fish out of water" setting when his cousin leaves a nearly newborn baby in his care. However, the book became more about learning to overcome obstacles and watch as God turns hurtful experiences to good.


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