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His Summer Valentine: A Home to Dahlia, Georgia, Novella (book 1)

By Missy Tippens


Willow Valentine is on a quest—granted, a crazy one. When her car breaks down in the middle of a 4th of July parade in the tiny town of Dahlia, Georgia, she can’t help but wonder if God was bringing her here all along. After the handsome Trent Meriwether comes to her aid, she’s tempted to believe God has. But she, like her dad, is the type to keep moving on. Can she truly avoid that Valentine itch and settle in this town, especially when she finds she’s quickly falling for Trent, a man with deep roots in Dahlia?

Trent has moved back to his hometown to make amends and support his family. Though his grandmother warns him the Valentines are drifters, he finds himself intrigued by Willow. She makes him laugh and feel hopeful for the first time in ages. But how can he look twice at someone so much younger, someone who could pick up and leave at any moment—even if she is like a ray of sunshine to his troubled soul?

Welcome to the small town of Dahlia, Georgia, where everyone feels at home!

Note: This story previously appeared in the 2015 Coffee Shop Romances collection.

Book Takeaway:

This story is about finding a place to settle, about finding love and putting down roots.

Why the author wrote this book:

I thought it would be fun to have a character who's looking for a new start who decides to start driving and see where God has her end up.


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