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Her Unlikely Family

By Missy Tippens


Take responsibility for his orphaned niece, yes. Raise her himself, no. A good boarding school was what the girl needed, not an uncle who was never home. But then Michael Throckmorton's niece ran away. And the big-hearted, beautiful diner waitress who'd taken her in wasn't letting her go so easily. Josie Miller had a few conditions for Michael. Oddly enough, he was willing to listen. Yet days later, why wasn't he hauling the teen back to school and himself back to the city? Could it be that an unlikely family was forming?

Book Takeaway:

This book was about how we all want to be accepted for who we are. So it's about recognizing unconditional love--the love God has for us. And about accepting others, even when they're very different from us.

Why the author wrote this book:

I love to write about opposites attracting. And I wondered what would happen if I paired a blue-blood banker with a spunky waitress. I had a feeling sparks would fly. :)


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