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A Mother's Promise

By Anna Schmidt


Life holds no guarantees for recently widowed Rachel Kaufmann. She has moved from Ohio to Pinecraft, Florida with her teenage son Justin to take a job as a hospital chalain. But despite her determination to make a fresh start with her son she struggles to maintain her Mennonite values. Worse, Justin is struggling as well and finds his only recourse for fitting in to his new school is to become a bully--the complete opposite of the boy he was back in Ohio.
Dr. Ben Booker is attracted to Rachel's vulnerability--her strength and caring remind him of his niece Sally who continues to fight against a debilitating illness. But when Sally tells him about a new kid bullying her at school and learns that kid is Justin he is torn between protecting Sally and following his heart when it comes to his feelings for Rachel. Can potential disaster turn into paradise for everyone and can Rachel keep the promise she made to Justin when they left Ohio?

Why the author wrote this book:

This story is part of a series--Rachel was introduced in book 2,A SISTER'S FORGIVENESS.


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