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A Sister's Forgiveness

By Anna Schmidt


They are the closest of friends and the bitterest of enemies. Teenage cousins Sadie and Tessa are the best of friends, just like their mothers, sisters Emma and Jeannie. And although Sadie's family is Old Order Mennonite and Tessa's family follows a more moderate Mennonite faith, the two families are inseparable until the unthinkable happens. A single instant of Sadie's inattention causes a tragic accident--and Tessa is dead.
Jeannie has lost her only child while Emma's daughter must face the legal consequences of her action and possibly go to jail as both families reel in a sea of grief and loss. Sorrow turns to bitterness as Jeannie's marriage begins to unravel, Sadie is overcome by guilt, and her brother, Matt--seemingly forgotten--abandons faith and family. Is there anything to be salvaged for either family as their lives continue to spiral out of control?


Year Title Description
2012 Reviewer's Choice from Romantic Times Finalist in the cetegory of Mainstream Inspirational

Why the author wrote this book:

This is--as editors like to say--the book of my heart. I had this story in mind for five years before I finally wrote it after I saw a one inch newspaper item that reported an accident where one teen lost control of her car and killed her best friend.


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