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All God's Children

By Anna Schmidt


Quaker Beth Bridgewater came to Munich to live with her aunt and uncle and care for their daughter. But after eight years Beth longs for her home in Wisconsin. Josef Buch, son of a Gestapo agent, moves in with the family while he completes his medical studies. When Josef helps Beth rescue a young Jewish family, she realizes that he does not share his father’s politics. Soon they are both drawn into the work of the White Rose—a German resistance movement intent on overthrowing Hitler. As their feelings for each other deepen, Josef and Beth risk everything for peace—and for love.

Book Takeaway:

If Beth can maintain her Quaker faith in the midst of Nazi Germany, then perhaps we can all find the strength to trust in our faith when life hands us seemingly impossible challenges.

Why the author wrote this book:

Fascinated by the idea of how a person of peace might behave when thrust into the very heart of evil.


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