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Simple Faith

By Anna Schmidt


The war had taken Anja's world. Quaker Anja Steinberg could not save her Jewish husband and young daughter from the Nazis, but even in the midst of her heartbreak Anja follows her faith's call to help Allied airmen escape from behind enemy lines to freedom. When American Peter Trent's plane is shot down in occupied territory he parachutes into a field near Anja's grandparents' farm. The journey to escape to England will take months and he and Anja will travel over much of Western Europe--all the while with the Gestapo on their heels. There's just one small problem: for anja Peter is not just one more airman--she is falling in love with him and loving him could place them both (and her 10-year-old son) in grave danger.

Book Takeaway:

Faith and courage and the strength or press on in the face of unimaginable challenges comes from God's spirit within us...or what Quakers call The Light.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have long been fascinated with history and especially 20th century history. Anja's story began in book 1 (ALL GOD'S CHILDREN) and cried out for her own book to tell the rest of her story.


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