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A Bride Sews With Love in Needles, CA

By Erica Vetsch


As her brother fights in France, Meghan Thorson joins the Needles, California, Harvey Girls and waits on doughboys headed to the Great War. To raise money for injured soldiers, she begins sewing a Red Cross signature quilt. Caleb McBride, a local rancher, trains stock for the US Calvary Cavalry. Although he’d love to join the army, Caleb is ineligible for service. Keeping his shameful malady disguised, he allows the townsfolk to brand him a coward and profiteer—until Meghan uncovers his secret. Can they both set aside their pride before their chance at love rips apart at the seams?

Why the author wrote this book:

I found a WW1 Red Cross signature quilt in a local museum and was charmed and captured by the idea. When I had the opportunity to write a book about a crusading heroine, I knew I wanted her to make a signature quilt to raise funds for the Red Cross and prove her patriotism.


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