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Before The Dawn

By Erica Vetsch


There’s nothing left.

His career, his upcoming marriage, his family, his life. When God deserted him in the depths of a collapsing mine shaft, David Mackenzie lost everything. Even his sight. Oh, but not his life. No, God didn’t take that. Determined not to rely on anyone else to get along, David wraps himself tightly in folds of bitterness as dark as his new world.

But Karen will not give up. Through a series of, well, maneuvers, Karen manages to convince David to marry her anyway. She quickly discovers, however, that though she loves him unconditionally, she shouldn’t have stepped ahead of God—who also never gives up.

God’s love is a light that can break through any darkness, but Karen and David must turn toward the light in order to experience it. As they learn the truth behind the accident and face a darkness neither expected, will they make the right choice?


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