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Lily and the Lawman

By Erica Vetsch


Lily has never been so alone.

Her sister Violet has died and her niece Rose has been kidnapped. The U.S. Marshals who are supposed to be looking for Rose are ill and injured. Lily Whitman has two choices: find Rose herself, which she has no idea how to do, or trust Trace McConnell to find the baby for her. But Lily has trusted men for the last time. So maybe she will do this on her own.

Trace McConnell--almost-bad-boy-turned-local-lawman--would be happy to hunt down the kidnappers and return Rose to the intriguing Lily, except she won't let him go alone. How is he supposed to deal with villains when his mind and heart are so distracted by this frustrating woman?

Is a God whose ways seem inexplicable really a God who is trustworthy? Is He Really with them, or has He forsaken them, despite what His Word says?


Year Title Description
2010 18th Annual Heartsong Awards #3 Favorite Historical Romance


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