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Light To My Path

By Erica Vetsch


How could something so beautiful on the outside be so rotten on the inside?

When Sam discovers the truth about his money-grabbing fiancée, he breaks off their engagement and makes plans to head back to Denver alone. Disillusioned, he determines never to get caught by a woman again. But then, Aunt Tabitha asks a favor of him, and he couldn’t turn her down.

Eldora Carter, jobless, homeless, and family-less, finds herself suddenly in charge of escorting three orphaned children across country on the train from St. Louis to Denver. What should have been an easy job, however, quickly becomes a nightmare as each child presents their own crisis. If it wasn’t for Sam Mackenzie, they’d all have been put off the train long ago.

When an avalanche halts their progress, Sam and Eldora both must learn to trust God like never before. Life, health, safety, security…even family and love. Can God be trusted to put things together when, despite all their efforts, they’ve failed so miserably?

Book Takeaway:

No matter how treacherous the path or how dark, God will light the way.


Year Title Description
2012 2012 Carol Award Nominee Short Historical Romance

Why the author wrote this book:

I read a book about an avalanche in the Cascade Mountains that took out an entire town, along with a passenger train, and my imagination went to work.


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