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Stars In Her Eyes

By Erica Vetsch


Pastor Hamilton won't be set up. Pastor Silas Hamilton has always been of the opinion that when he meets the woman God intends for him to marry, he'll know her immediately. And so far, she hasn't appeared, despite the determined machinations of one particular mother in his congregation.
And then it happens. While walking along the creek one day, he rescues a young woman from a near-fall into the water...and though they part ways without exchanging names, her fascinating gray eyes and the mysterious connection he felt remain foremost in his mind. It isn't until later that he realizes his dreams have been caught up in the lovely Willow Starr--an actress bound for the bright lights of New York City.
But can a pastor love an actress? Would an actress abandon the stage for life in Martin City? And what about that mother, determined to claim the pastor for her daughter?


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