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A DAY AGO: Prequel to the Mylas Grey Mystery Series

By Luana Ehrlich


The world of Attorney Mylas Grey changes forever one Saturday morning in May.
Unfortunately, he isn’t prepared for the situation, the consequences, or the danger, and he sure isn’t prepared for the female distraction.

He isn’t prepared for the situation . . .
Mylas always thought the owner of the McKinney Law Firm, where he’s employed, would outlive him, so when the owner suffers a fatal heart attack, Mylas suddenly faces an uncertain future, his hope of a partnership shattered.

He isn’t prepared for the consequences . . .
When Mylas learns he’s mentioned in the will, he expects to receive a small token of appreciation for his years of service to the firm, but then, when everyone assembles for the reading, things take a bizarre turn with unexpected consequences.

He isn’t prepared for the danger . . .
Before his world started spinning out of control, Mylas was searching for a killer, the person who strangled the wife of his client. As he gets closer to identifying the murderer, he suddenly realizes his investigation has put his own life in danger.

And then, there’s the distraction . . .
While Mylas is searching for the killer, an old friend shows up, someone Mylas hopes will be that special lady who completes his life and breaks his cycle of bad relationships.

How will Mylas deal with these life-changing events? Will he follow Mac’s advice and trust God for his future, or will he depend on his own strength to get him through?

A Day Ago is the prequel to One Day Gone, Book I in the best-selling Mylas Grey Mystery Series, and tells the story of Mylas Grey before he became a private investigator, before he became a man of faith, before he met the woman who set his heart on fire.

Book Takeaway:

Eternity is just a breath away.

Why the author wrote this book:

To give my readers the backstory of Mylas Grey in the Mylas Grey Mystery Series.


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