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Eubeltic Outliers

By Nadine C. Keels


Eubeltic Realm, Book Four: a question of destiny

An emerging legend's arrival was more than chance...

As the king of a nation due for a fresh era, Zacharias is determined to help steer Diachona in a new direction. Yet, due to the latest, most critical choice Zacharias has made both as a man and as the wearer of the crown, the National Council's trust in him is on precarious ground. What might it take to fortify his resolve and to confirm honor to his Council before he proposes a historic reform regarding the Realm?

Also within these changing times is an artiste of Eubeltic descent, Abigaia, and the new life she's building as she rises in Diachonian acclaim. Acclaim that she holds at arm's length, not fully understanding it. But when members of a prominent family seek her help to search out a part of their history, Abigaia joins them on a journey. A journey fated to affirm destiny's continuous call to a generation.

The Eubeltic Realm series is best read in order. While this historical fantasy book does not have magical elements, the story is set in a completely fictional world.


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