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Love Unfeigned

By Nadine C. Keels


For Every Love, Book One: a sweet second-chance romance

There’s homesickness in his kiss…

Back when Lorraine and Isaiah were children, the competitive spark and warm regard between them grew into a strong bond. But they’ve been traversing divided paths in the years since, and a disastrous experience has resulted in life-altering trauma for one of them.

Now that Lorraine and Isaiah have reached adulthood, what might it take to reunite them in a love unbounded by time?


Year Title Description
2013 Readers' Favorite Five Stars ★★★★★: “The wordplay and language are expressive and rich. It is a beautiful love story that slowly evolves and matures into an intense romance.” ~Readers’ Favorite

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this story for those who believe (or would like to believe again) that imperfect people can, should, and do experience perfect love, when it's time.


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