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The "She" Stands Alone

By Nadine C. Keels


A sweet friends-to-lovers romantic comedy

She can’t seem to catch any guy’s notice for anything.

No, a pick-up pitch from a stranger gawking at her around Pump #2 at the gas station doesn’t count. And that attractive salesman at the one-stop-for-all-you-want store in town shouldn’t have been flirting with her in the first place, being ultra customer-friendly in an establishment notorious for its pathetic customer service.

Now, is this young woman’s dateless problem unfixable? Not in the least. New plan: Sheridan Jones is going to date herself.

Ahh. The romance.

This fall/winter rom-com is especially great to read during the holidays. Joy to the world!

Book Takeaway:

Have a chortle or two, or at least an entertained smile, along with the reinforced thought that it’s perfectly okay to be who you are, with your terrific self.


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