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World of Joy

By Nadine C. Keels


A sweet small-town romance

’Tis her season to reclaim her name.

Jhoi: She's a community youth advocate and also a poet-turned-novelist. For her latest writerly project, she and two fellow authors are releasing an assorted collection of romantic comedies. Romances set during the holidays.

When the project leads to a timely opportunity for Jhoi, she takes it—the chance for a getaway. The kind that could turn out to be what so many heartwarming Christmas novels, movies, and dreams are made of.

Yet, although she might say that a few fairy-tale details are missing, Jhoi actually worries that this holiday experience may be too perfect for her. And if she doesn't figure out her fear, she could wind up not only jarring herself out of this dream but hurting more than one heart in the process.

World of Joy is a sequel to World of the Innocent and can also be read as a standalone.


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