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Kiss Me Like You Mean It, Cowboy (Cavanagh Cowboys Romance 4)

By Valerie Comer


Blake Cavanagh is determined not to be like his father, so he’ll play the field and never settle down at all. It’s a bit daunting stringing along three women at once, but he’s up for the task. When Blake sees one of his girlfriends in line at the coffee shop, he sneaks up behind her.

Dafne Santoro — single mom, new teacher, and city girl — is new to small-town Jewel Lake. She’s not expecting to be accosted at the Copper Carafe, and her jiu jitsu training kicks in. She might exchange fervent apologies with the handsome cowboy as she helps him off the floor, but let him make it up to her with a date? Not happening.

Blake’s not going to give up so easily, and Dafne’s not about to give in. What will it take to get this cowboy and this teacher on the same page?


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