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Cadence of Cranberries (An Urban Farm Fresh Romance 10)

By Valerie Comer


Winnie Santoro misses moments with her late husband, especially now that her older kids are dating. When her son asks her to invite his girlfriend’s dad for Thanksgiving dinner, she agrees, but is surprised to find the kind, handsome owner of her favorite coffee truck on her doorstep.

Charlie Jalonen retired early and bought a coffee roastery in Spokane. His marriage has been over for years, and he’s finally finding a place in his daughter’s life. But when her boyfriend proposes at a joint family Thanksgiving dinner, Charlie is thrust into a flurry of wedding bells, flowers, and music alongside a charming widow with vastly different ideas.

As Thanksgiving gives way to Christmas, Winnie and Charlie find they have more in common than their engaged kids. Could the cadence of cranberries be crooning a love song for them, too?


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