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Her Unlikely Hero (Easter in Gilead 1)

By Valerie Comer


Connor Hamelin’s Kansas farm boss offers wages through the winter if he’ll try out for the annual passion play. Connor’s been drifting, but sticking around sounds good. Figuring he can channel Judas, he auditions… and is cast as Jesus. Ugh, but maybe he’ll finally understand all the religious nuts in his life.

Single mom Zoey Matthews helps in the wardrobe department for the local passion play as well as participating in crowd scenes with her young daughter. Zoey might be intrigued by the unlikely guy cast as Jesus in this year’s production, but she’s not looking for romance, especially not with an unbeliever too similar to her bad-boy ex.

Connor doesn’t deserve a chance to make amends for his past nor another chance at love. He definitely doesn’t deserve the forgiveness of the Savior he’s portraying… but God is a God of redemption and second chances.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote Her Unlikely Hero because I felt there weren't a lot of romances set at Easter, and wanted to showcase a redemptive story.


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