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The Cowboy's Belated Discovery (Saddle Springs Romance 5)

By Valerie Comer


Tori Carmichael has been in a holding pattern since her dad’s debilitating accident. Now that the family’s ranch resort is on stable footing again, she’s ready for her future, but her plan to become a teacher dims in the glow of her dreams about the newest cowboy in Saddle Springs. Too bad there seems little sign Garret will ever return her interest.

Garret Morrison had planned to resume his music career after taking time to regroup from a shattered relationship, but his aging parents need his help with their riding stable. He pours himself into worship ministry at the local church, avoiding starry-eyed Tori for her own good. Every woman he’s loved has left him, one way or another, and he can’t face the possibility one more time.

What will it take for Garret to discover that love is worth the risk? And will that realization come too late to save what might have been?


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