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By Colleen K. Snyder


“Choose. One lives. One dies.”

What do you do when hope is all you have?

Is it really all you need?

Where is God when every choice looks dark?

Erin Winger’s fiancé and his infant niece have been violently kidnapped. . The kidnappers don’t want money. They want revenge. And not against Erin or the baby’s mother. No, the kidnappers want revenge against Erin’s father. The father Erin and his sister put in prison three years ago. A cold-hearted man who has no interest in saving anyone.

Bound, gagged, and imprisoned in an abandoned shack in the deep of winter, can Erin’s fiancée and the baby survive? In the race between hypothermia and life, can they both endure the sub-freezing temperatures long enough for help to reach them?

Book Takeaway:

God is faithful. Our job is to trust Him, even when we can't see Him, can't hear Him, can't feel Him. Even in the darkest places.

Why the author wrote this book:

I write for the glory of God, to spread His Word of hope and peace and love. "Despair" continues the Collin Walker series, bringing our protagonists into deeper walks of faith through trying circumstances. Will they choose faith? Or try to take matters into their own hands, when the stakes are life or death for the ones they love?


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