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By Colleen K. Snyder


Three hundred MILLION dollars. Your inheritance. Buy anything you want, go anywhere you want, do anything you want. All yours. Except…

You’re a social worker. How do you maintain “street cred” with the kids you’ve devoted your life to?

How will that kind of money affect the man you love?

And then there’s your birth family. The ones that abandoned you to die at fourteen. The ones you suspect even now are trying to have you killed over the money. How do you share with them? Or do you?

What would Jesus do? What would He want you to do? Would you do it?

Welcome back to Collin Walker’s world

Book Takeaway:

God is with us, no matter the trial, its source, or its configuration. Trust in the Lord is always the answer.

Why the author wrote this book:

Inheritance is the second book in the "Collin Walker" series. It follows the protagonists' return to the city where they both work. I wrote it to continue showing my characters experiencing real-life struggles, and depending on the Lord to see them through.


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