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By Colleen K. Snyder


When was the last time you lied?

Do you lie to keep a secret?
Or do you keep a secret to hide a lie?

Collin Farrell has a secret, and she can’t wait to tell her husband.
Jeff Farrell has a secret, too, one he’s been hiding from Collin since before they married.

Collin’s brother, Erin, has a girlfriend with a secret she won’t tell.
Vy Johnson is a DEA agent who knows all about lies and secrets.

What happens when Secrets and Lies collide?

Cars get crushed (with the drivers inside.)
Homes explode.
Marriages implode.
Careers—and lives—are jeopardized.

Can God work even this together for the good of all involved and still get the glory from it?

Book Takeaway:

God is faithful. God is God. When we trust Him, life works. When we trust ourselves, it doesn't.

Why the author wrote this book:

Accusations is the third book in the Collin Walker/Farrell series. It follows Collin, Jeff, and now Collin's brother Erin as they navigate life's new circumstances. The bottom line questions are always: will they trust the Lord, or their own intelligence, skills, and abilities to maneuver through the twists, turns, and challenges of life?


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