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Seeing Clearly

By Judythe Morgan


Evie Parker is forty-seven, a widow who views life with rose-colored glasses. She’s raising her grandson after her only child and his wife die in a suspicious car accident.

Dawson McKey is thirty-four, a divorced, overly cautious ex-cop, who manages her shipping company. A cartel’s bomb killed his twin sons. He trusts no one.

A compelling attraction develops. But she’s overwhelmed raising the toddler and convinced their age difference will haunt their relationship. Dawson’s vowed never to love again, after failing so miserably the first time but being with Evie challenges his thinking.

Mysterious emails threaten her grandson. When the nanny she hired against Dawson’s advice disappears with the toddler, they uncover a web of lies, murder, and drug smuggling in her company.

Their search for the toddler tests their trust, even as it binds their hearts.

Book Takeaway:

Evie and Dawson have had bad things happen that jars their faith. I hope reading how they overcome the hardships that others' faith will be strengthened.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to write a story with an older couple and try writing romantic suspense. Many friends were raising their grandchildren I combine two ideas with my favorite themes of forgiveness and trust to create Seeing Clearly.


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